Who We Are

As a non-profit, our team is comprised mostly of passionate interns and volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of foster children in Virginia. By increasing awareness and fundraising, we hope to better the lives of children and give them a sense of normalcy in their sometimes turbulent world.

How We Make A Difference

The foster care system can be a confusing and sometimes disheartening place. Through our fundraising and network of passionate volunteers, we strive to give children in foster care a brighter future, a sense of normalcy, and belonging. Events like the our awareness golf tournament, “Birthday Bags”, numerous holiday gift events, Thanksgiving Day family meal, and overnight camps, allow foster youth to get out, play, and learn new skills just like any other kid. Our Work program also provides resources to older youth who are leaving the foster care system. These 5,000 plus kids in foster care are our future and they deserve every opportunity to have a “normal” childhood in an ever changing environment.

Foster Care & Foster-to-Adopt

Virginia is fortunate to have so many great non-profit agencies for foster care and adoption. Connecting Hearts wants to ensure we shine a light to each. In educating prospective parents and working together for a common goal, we can ensure Virginia's children get the resources they need and deserve. Virginia is currently in need of parents for our kids...

Foster Parents are specially trained to provide care, nurturing, and loving homes to children in foster care. The children may be placed in these homes from several days to a few years, while their birth parents attempt to meet the legal requirements for their children to return to the home.

Foster-to-Adopt Parents also provide loving homes, care, and nurturing to children in foster care; however, these parents have the option to adopt the child should they become legally free for adoption (all parental rights have been terminated or an appropriate relative placement is unable to be secured). Find out more here.

Adoptive Parents provide permanent, loving homes for children whose birth parents’ rights have been terminated or relinquished. The child will become part of their “forever family” as if they birthed the child themselves.




Interested in opening your home and heart through adoption? Learn everything you need to know about Foster-to-Adopting a waiting child in Virginia! You can also contact us at 804.308.5946 or efacetti@ConnectingHeartsVA.org.

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Finding a permanent and loving home for every child in Virginia

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