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Adoption Month

Adoption Awareness Month with Connecting Hearts

Connecting Hearts is gearing up all year long to launch several initiatives for 2018’s foster care awareness month and adoption month.  To view links of all of the adoption initiatives for the state click here: To view our Campaign Highlights from November 2017, click here  30 Kids in 30 Days 2017 Campaign and WSLS 30 Days of Hope Campaign. 

 2017 WTVR 30 Kids in 30 Days Campaign Face

Meet Majesty


2017 WSLS 30 Days of Hope Campaign

Meet Jonathan


2017 Kat Simons “Adopt a Heart” Campaign 

Meet Majesty

Our Efforts


Call us  for more information on giving children a permanent, loving home!


Here are
just a few facts:

* There are over 5,000 youth in foster care

* There are over 700 youth who are legally free for adoption which is a significant improvement from last year

* There are over 200 youth are awaiting finalization.

*The majority of foster care youth available range in age from 4-12 years of age.

*VDSS is working collaboratively with our former State Adoption Champion, Deborah J. Johnston’s charity, Connecting Hearts, to promote foster care youth for adoption, educate staff from local departments of social services and community partners.

* Post Adoption services are available in each of the five regions across the commonwealth for adoptive families and adopted youth.

*The Adoption Through Collaborative Partnerships contract assisted LDSS by serving over 850 youth and finalizing 266 adoptions last year, meeting 84% of their goals and moving foster youth to permanency.


Check here to see more kids available for foster-to-adoption!