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Connecting Hearts Champions Foster2Adopt Program

Connecting Hearts Champions Foster2Adopt Program

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Connecting Hearts Champions Foster2Adopt Program

Virginia, November 4th, 2015 – Connecting Hearts in Virginia – A Deborah J Johnston Charity, created by Virginia’s Governor-appointed Adoption Champion Debbie Johnston, is advocating Foster2Adopt in Virginia.

postcard 2 smallWhat is Foster2Adopt? It is a preferred type of foster care placement in which a child’s foster parents agree to eventually adopt them if going home is no longer considered an option. This is how adoptions from local departments of social services take place. Connecting Hearts believes that sufficient awareness about Foster2Adopt does not exist in the Commonwealth leaving hundreds of children without forever families.

With over 800 boys and girls of all ages and races available for adoption, Virginia is in desperate need of Foster2Adopt parents. Foster2Adopt placements may also be the best option for children entering the system or who are likely to become available for adoption in the future.

Why Foster2Adopt? Adoption by the foster family is often the best option for a child in foster care. Foster2Adopt is beneficial because the family is already familiar with a child’s background and behaviors. They may be better able to understand and respond to a child’s needs in a positive and appropriate way.

Who are the youth in foster care? Of the youth in Virginia’s foster care, 1,533 have the goal of adoption with over 800 already waiting for adoptive families. The children in care are from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The children are frequently school-aged, 5 to 14 years old.

Of those currently available for Foster2Adopt:

  • 53% are boys
  • 47% are girls
  • 54% are White
  • 33% are African-American
  • 8% are Hispanic
  • 11% are multi-racial
  • 28% are under age 5
  • 51% are age 13 or older

How can we help? Because the need for Foster2Adopt families is so prevalent in Virginia, the spread of awareness is urgent. If you cannot Foster2Adopt, but would still like to help, simply talk about the over 800 children who need homes. Other ways to help are to volunteer or donate to adoption and foster care organizations.

To learn about Connecting Hearts or the Foster2Adopt program, head to If you would like to become a Foster2Adopt parent or have any questions, contact Executive Director Ericca Facetti at Get updates at