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Foster-to-Adopt in Virginia

Foster2Adopt is a preferred type of foster care placement in which a child’s foster parents agree to eventually adopt the child if reunification or returning home is no longer considered an option. This is generally how adoptions from Virginia’s Department of Social Services takes place. Learn more specifics on our Foster-to-Adopt page!

Virginia’s Waiting Kids

There are currently over 850 boys and girls across Virginia who are available for foster-to-adopt. They are of every age, ethnicity, race, background and all have differing needs. You can see the available waiting kids on the Virginia Department of Social Services website. Connecting Hearts serves as a call center helping prospective parents through the process for 6 months to 2 years. If you find a child you are interested in adopting, please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

Our Awareness Efforts

A main focus of Connecting Hearts is spreading awareness about the adoption and foster care needs in Virginia. We believe that if more people knew about all of the local kids who need permanent homes, we would have no problem finding their forever family. As it is now, some children wait for years before being adopted or might even age out of the foster care system. Aging out of foster care comes with its own set of problems like high risks of incarceration and homelessness. We spread the word about theses issues in a variety of ways from social media to events to media appearances.

More Resources

Virginia has an abundance of adoption and foster care support organizations. You can find a list of both private agencies and local departments of social services on our resources page.  Connecting Hearts does not recommend or endorse the agencies or resources listed on the site. This is an informational only. We encourage users to carefully review and evaluate all services and decide what is best to meet the needs of their families.

Want to volunteer?

Connecting Hearts is always looking for dedicated volunteers! We have an abundance of opportunities for volunteers including events, collection drives, auction procurement, community engagement, and fundraising. Find out more on our “Help Us” page. Thanks for considering volunteering with Connecting Hearts! 

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