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Adoption Month Ends, Hundreds of Kids Still Need Homes

Adoption Month Ends, Hundreds of Kids Still Need Homes

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Keep Up Adoption Month Momentum!

VIRGINIA, November 23, 2015 – This year’s National Adoption Month theme, “We Never Outgrow the Need for Family” highlights older youth waiting for adoption.  Creating lifelong connections fo
r these young people is critical to helping them prepare and succeed as they enter adulthood. Older youth who “age-out” of foster care are at high risks for homelessness, incarceration, and joblessness. Finding permanent, loving homes for kids especially older youth is not only important for the kids themselves, but for the community as a whole

As Adoption Month closes, Virginia’s Adoption Champion Debbie Johnston shares her excitement saying, “We have made definite strides this month, but I urge every member of the commonwealth to keep up the momentum! Adoption Month may end, but the search for forever families for over 860 children in Virginia does not.”

Apostcard 4 smallmong others, Adoption Month initiatives by Connecting Hearts included 30 Kids in 30 Days, a partnership with WTVR CBS 6 to feature waiting children as well as #100kHands2Adopt, a social media initiative to bring attention to the 100k American kids needing families. These awareness initiatives have succeeded in bringing forward many potential foster and foster-to-adopt parents.

Efforts in Virginia are however continuous. Connecting Hearts and Virginia’s Adoption Champion work throughout the year to support the children in foster care as well as on adoption education, awareness, and advocacy. This work cannot be done alone.

Help throughout the year to spread awareness about children in need of permanent, loving homes. Awareness is the easiest and one of the most needed ways to help. If you want to get more involved, consider volunteering with Connecting Hearts or a local adoption or foster care nonprofit. Obviously, the most special way to get involved is to become a foster or foster-to-adopt parent yourself! If you want to get involved, please contact Connecting Hearts.

Connecting Hearts in Virginia – A Deborah J Johnston Charity is an adoption and foster care support nonprofit lead by Virginia’s Governor-appointed Adoption Champion Debbie Johnston. Connecting Hearts ensures that every child in Virginia has the opportunity for a loving home through addressing support needs across the state, partnering with other organizations, spreading awareness, and advocating. Virginia is home to over 5,000 children in foster care and over 850 children are waiting to be adopted.

To learn more about the available kids, call 1-800-DO-ADOPT or visit For more information about Connecting Hearts and to learn how you can get involved, visit or connect with us at or