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Collection Drives

Collecting Items for Youth in Foster Care!

Connecting Hearts holds various collection drives throughout the year to collect items that kids in foster care might need. Many times kids enter the foster care system with just the clothes on their backs. Some move between foster homes with the belongings that they do have packed in a trash bag. There are many helpful organizations that have begun collecting suit cases, bags, and toiletries for these kids. Other items that are needed are baby care items, school supplies, and gifts for birthdays and the holidays. We help collect the items and then assist with distributing them to local department of social services, social workers, and foster parents.


IMG_2421IMG_2422Connecting Hearts has previously partnered with Case for Hope to hold a toiletry drive event where we were given hundreds of toiletries in order to fill the suit cases that they had already collected. 

Since this event in May 2015, we have continued our toiletry drive efforts. We are always collecting toiletries and bags for foster kids. If you would like to donate, please contact us at 804.308.5946! We would love to continue these normalcy efforts for youth.




School Supplies

How can you help our children be successful? We collect supplies throughout the year, including: backpacks, pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, binders, flash cards, erasers, dividers, computers, and more to donate to a youth in need that resides at a residential facility, group home, attending public school, or college! Donate today to help Connecting Hearts help our foster youth reach their educational potential!



Connecting Hearts strives to provide normalcy for youth in foster care through experiences such as Birthday Bashes and holiday celebrations! We need gifts throughout the year for these purposes. Gifts are given to youths from infants to 17-year-olds. Gifts can include books, toys, sports equipment, clothing, accessories, jewelry boxes, art supplies, games, CDs, movies, or anything else you think a child in foster care might enjoy! We hold drives through some of our business and community friends. Look at our event calendar for any upcoming dates. You can also donate directly to Connecting Hearts by contacting us!

Check out our awesome previous Holiday Gift Drive! We were able to distribute hundreds of gifts to kids in Central Virginia! We are doing another one again this year! Please email: for ways in which you can help!



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