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Our Programs

Connecting Hearts

Our mission is to facilitate permanency for children in foster care, whether it is in the form of reunification, kinship care, or adoption. In order to achieve this, we focus on the following:

  • Increase education, awareness, and advocacy for adoption and foster care
  • Educate the public on the positive values of adoption and foster care
  • General and strategic recruitment of foster and adoptive families
  • Provide the educational programs that will strengthen area adoption and foster care nonprofits
  • Find affordable ways for adoption to happen and lessen the financial burden to families
  • Facilitate connections between organizations and the Virginia Department of Social Services
  • Execute an annual conference to include all related agencies and Virginia’s Adoption Champion
  • Offer continuous communication including emails, monthly newsletters, etc.
  • Provide navigation and resources to prospective and current foster and adoptive families

Our Programs

Family Match Programgirls-946288_1920

We are excited to finally reveal an exciting pilot program, “Family Match.” This program will leverage today’s technology to help children in foster care like never before. 

  • Family Match now offers innovative technology to bring stability to children in state care by matching compatible attributes of foster children with their foster and adoptive families. This increase in stability will dramatically improve outcomes for children in foster care and strengthen our communities.
  • Family Match, a program developed by Adoption-Share, utilizes data analytics and predictive models to help child service workers make the best placement decisions for children in foster care. Compatibility matching for children in foster care will lead to more stable placements, a key factor in eliminating the pipeline connecting foster kids to poor outcomes.

Programs for Families 

Foster Education for Virginia’s adoption process to prospective parents and waiting families. Assist families to meet their needs in obtaining foster and adoptive certification.  Connecting Hearts acts as a liaison between families and certification agencies across the state. Provide continuous communication with families and agencies to ensure adoption process is going well and assist where needed.

Identify Potential Matches regardless of where in the state families and children in need are located.

Programs for Professionals

Enhance & Streamline the adoption process by working with social service and child welfare professionals to help break down barriers.

Normalcy Programs for Youth in Foster Care

Our activities and the activities we support vary.  We work closely with community partners to promote normalcy through: birthday bags, holiday events, connecting youth with summer camps, and more!  Connecting Hearts also works with community partners to support youth around job placement, grants and resources for college as well as professional certifications.


How Your Support Helps Us Succeedchild-with-braids-937658_1920

Connecting Hearts

Your support makes it possible to provide foster children birthday bags, holiday events, summer camps, and more!


  • Foster2Adopt educational campaign for prospective parents
  • Educational media campaign to show waiting children: “30 Kids in 30 Days,” “30 Days of Hope,” “Adopt a Heart,” and more
  • Connecting Hearts supports parents and families who are interested in fostering or fostering to adopt to navigate the process of becoming licensed and accepting placement of children in their home.  

Direct Services for Children in Foster Care

  • Birthday Parties for kids in care
  • Match Events: Coming in 2019!
  • Holiday Gift events, including over 1,000 gifts for children and youth in care in 2018.
  • Photo Events to show children in foster care on the state website for prospective parents