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Youth that are waiting

Where Can I See Youth who are waiting?

Over 800 kids in Virginia are waiting to find a forever family. There are many places in which you can see photos, videos, and hear their stories. Click on the links below to see our children featured on our partners’ pages.

Virginia Department of Social Service with AdoptUSKids


Children’s Home Society

Meet Virginia’s Waiting Kids!

Connecting Hearts host the Central Region Heart Gallery of Waiting Kids through the Fam-17-042 Grant Partnership with the Virginia Department of Social Services. 

Meet Majesty

Majesty thoroughly enjoys music and dancing.  She aspires to go to Virginia Commonwealth University and be a Radio Personality or Professional DJ one day.

Majesty imagines what true familial support would be like.  She enjoys making people laugh and spending time with her siblings and other peers. She would love to have an older brother or sister in the home.  She hopes that a new family would help her maintain contact with her siblings.  She would love for a family to be supportive of her goals and interests.

“They would tell me, Majesty, you got a good score on that test, and I`m proud of you and they would reward me for the good behavior that I’ve done instead of playing around in class.”  Majesty is very resilient and continues to wish for the forever family she deserves.  She loves to go to the mall and shopping for her favorite thing, shoes!  She is fun, energetic, and continues to have a positive attitude.  She hopes for a forever family and continues to dream for one each day.

Meet Nehemiah

Nehemiah is a very shy sweet boy! He warms up as he plays and has a wonderful sense of humor. He likes leggosand is very creative and skilled at building things with them! He enjoys riding horses, playing soccer, singing, and drawing. His favorite super heroes are Batman and Spiderman! He also likes the Giants Football Team. His favorite foods to eat are pizza, subway, chicken nuggets with ketchup, and don’t forget ice cream! He likes to do gymnastics and swim too. These are all great activities he could do with a family! Would you give him a chance?



Meet Treazure

Have you ever met a teenager who likes broccoli? Meet Treazure, she loves hamburgers, pasta and yes- broccoli! She finds joy in art, music and writing and has journaled in the past to help alleviate stress. Treazure loves to talk with people and has been described by others as being deeply caring. She will reach out to those she sees struggling and will try to help. Treazure enjoys joking around, having fun, watching movies, dancing, singing, talking and being ¿on the go.¿ Recently, she tried a Caramel Frappuccino and really loved it so she is excited about trying new things. She does very well with one on one interactions and enjoys being helpful. Treazure wants to belong in a family and is hoping to find a family who will commit to her lifelong and accept her for who she is.



Meet Mark

Mark is very kind and genuine. He enjoys writing stories and takes notes of things here and there to add to them. Mark likes to read; his favorite book is “The Trials of Apollo.” He has a vast vocabulary and is very inquisitive. Mark likes making crafts out of paper, playing with animals, and video games. He is a builder and likes to build things. Mark likes computers and can name his favorite brand, which is Microsoft. He enjoys Pikachu from Pokemonand other animated shows. Mark likes the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, although he is just a little allergic to them. Mark warms up quickly when engaging in conversation. His favorite foods are anything Italian, Porkchops, and Smuckers. He enjoys Hip Hop & R&B and hopes for a family one day. Mark must be the youngest in the family and likes to follow a schedule as accurately as possible. Mark strives to be a police offer, and a family would help him foster his dreams and passions. Would you give him a chance?



Meet Alyssa

Alyssa is a bright, fashionable young lady who has a humble soul. She enjoys sports, puzzles, and movies in her spare time and would like a single parent family that includes a brother to participate with her in some of the sports she plays, including football! Alyssa’s favorite subject is science in school, and she does exceedingly well in it. She also takes an interest in veterinary science and loves dogs! With the support of a family, Alyssa is looking forward to a very bright future!

Meet Richard & A’lijah

Richard and A’lijahare an energetic bunch! They love toys and interactive play.  They could benefit from a family that has time and attention to commit to helping them flourish into successful young individuals one day.  One of their favorite shows is the Power Rangers!  The two boys do well with imaginative play. They adore each other so much and would need a family willing to adore them together and in the same household. 




Meet Johnette

Johnetteis a wonderful young lady. She enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, listening to music, making her own music, writing, watching football, and being active as she is very sporty! She loves lipstick, primarily neutral shades that can go with anything. She is interested in forensic psychology. When she gets older, she has also voiced an interest in being in ROTC. The number one thing she would look for in a family is respect but would also like a family that is activeand enjoy themselves. She would like to
have a family that is funbut also laidback like her, and dogs would be a plus! Johnette’sfavorite foods are hot dogs, pizza, and mac and cheese. She also likes doing hair and happens to do her own! Would you give her a chance? She would be a wonderful addition to a family where there are younger child(ren) or where she is the only child.




Meet Keyatta

Meet Caleb

Meet Deon

Meet Sisters Isiasha & Listene


Meet Hannah

Meet Mark