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Youth that are waiting

Where Can I See Youth who are waiting?

Over 1100 kids in Virginia are waiting to find a forever family. There are many places in which you can see photos, videos, and hear their stories. Click on the links below to see our children featured on our partners’ pages.

Virginia Department of Social Service with AdoptUSKids


Children’s Home Society

Meet Virginia’s Waiting Kids!

Connecting Hearts host the Central Region Heart Gallery of Waiting Kids through the Fam-17-042 Grant Partnership with the Virginia Department of Social Services. 

Meet Kymon

Kymon is an active and respectful 12-year-old. He is in the 5th grade and works hard to do the best he can in his classes. He is resilient, outgoing, and has a strong attachment to his current foster family, whom he hopes to stay connected to. He is looking for his forever family that can provide him with structure and routine. He would do best in a family without pets or children around the same age.



Meet Samantha

Samantha, who goes by Sammie, is a smart and articulate 14-year-old with a bright smile. She enjoys being active and discovering new things by playing outside, riding her bike, swimming, and doing gymnastics. When home, Sammie enjoys puzzles, reading, and watching movies. Sammie is happy and cooperative when she is not feeling anxious or afraid. After experiencing many moves, Sammie is ready to settle down with a supportive and committed family. She looks forward to having an engaged support system who will continue to help her through therapy and be patient with her when she becomes upset. Ideally, her family will learn to anticipate Sammie’s emotional needs to prevent escalating behaviors.  Sammie’s sister, who has been adopted, is an excellent support for her, so continuing contact and visits with her is imperative. While Sammie loves animals, she will do best in a home without indoor pets. It is also important for her to be the youngest child in the household. Because Sammie has dealt with a lot of hurt in her life, she needs a truly committed, structured, and reassuring family.

Meet Ronald

Ronald, 7, is a funny, energetic kid who loves being active in the outdoors, including water activities. He enjoys helping people and his relationship with his foster mother has displayed his ability to connect to others. He is good at clearly expressing his emotions and he can present as mature for his age. Ronald does struggle with controlling his anger and has tantrums where he displays challenging behaviors. He would do well with a family that is active and willing to be patient with him through the transition as he settles into a new home.

Meet Treazure

Have you ever met a teenager who likes broccoli? Meet Treazure, she loves hamburgers, pasta and yes- broccoli! She finds joy in art, music and writing and has journaled in the past to help alleviate stress. Treazure loves to talk with people and has been described by others as being deeply caring. She will reach out to those she sees struggling and will try to help. Treazure enjoys joking around, having fun, watching movies, dancing, singing, talking and being ¿on the go.¿ Recently, she tried a Caramel Frappuccino and really loved it so she is excited about trying new things. She does very well with one on one interactions and enjoys being helpful. Treazure wants to belong in a family and is hoping to find a family who will commit to her lifelong and accept her for who she is.

Meet Mark

Mark is very kind and genuine. He enjoys writing stories and takes notes of things here and there to add to them. Mark likes to read; his favorite book is “The Trials of Apollo.” He has a vast vocabulary and is very inquisitive. Mark likes making crafts out of paper, playing with animals, and video games. He is a builder and likes to build things. Mark likes computers and can name his favorite brand, which is Microsoft. He enjoys Pikachu from Pokemon and other animated shows. Mark likes the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, although he is just a little allergic to them. Mark warms up quickly when engaging in conversation. His favorite foods are anything Italian, Porkchops, and Smuckers. He enjoys Hip Hop & R&B and hopes for a family one day. Mark must be the youngest in the family and likes to follow a schedule as accurately as possible. Mark strives to be a police offer, and a family would help him foster his dreams and passions. Would you give him a chance?

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa is a focused, intelligent 14-year-old girl with a great smile, and many other positive attributes. She loves to read and enjoys drawing or doing crafts in her free time. She has been participating in art therapy while in her current placement, and has made progress with processing through the amount of loss she has experienced. Alyssa is described as being social, but she does have a history of struggling with peer interactions, aggression, and communication. However, she has been working to improve these issues. Alyssa has been described as being fashionable by those around her, due to her love of accessories and flashy sense of style. She is insightful for her age and self-aware when it comes to what she wants out of life and for her future. Alyssa has expressed that she hopes to find a forever family that will continue to support her throughout the rest of her young adult life.


Meet Latoya

Latoya is a bright and energetic girl. She loves school and is well liked by others due to her friendly demeanor. She is fun and outgoing and likes to play board games or any activity that involves running and jumping outdoors. Latoya also enjoys participating in gymnastics and dance classes. She will benefit from academic support to help her stay focused and she will do best in a strong family who can help her redirect her behaviors when she is not feeling her best emotionally.

Meet Traverious

Traverious is an active 8-year-old. He is respectful and gets along with other children. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys playing outside. He is looking for his forever family that can provide him with structure and routine. He would do best in a family without pets or children who are younger than he is.